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Blooming marvelous

I’ve noticed this striking tree in bloom all around my neighbourhood – in the scary kid park, outside the Pakistani hairdresser and lining the streets. Its the middle of winter so quite surprising to see such a display of colour. It is great but I know little about it – could it be indigenous? Patrick […]

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Remarkable pod.

What tree is this?

I was out in KwaMashu earlier this week, conducting training for INK Urban Renewal, and this tree was all over the place.  I originally noticed it because its remarkable pods make a great rustling noise when the wind blows.  Does anyone recognise it?  Is it indigenous?  I took a couple of seeds and may try […]

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Strangler fig wrapping around the trunk.

Warning – strangler at work

In an earlier post, my brother lamented the scourge of syringa berry trees in Durban.  In the comments section it was suggested that strangler figs could be used to combat them.  I regularly jog down Manning Road and spotted a strangler fig at work on a Flamboyant. (more…)

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The case of the black moss

A couple of years back I planted a fever tree outside our gate.  The tree never really took off.  It didn’t die or look sickly, it just never seemed to grow.  I put it down to the fact that the soil I had planted it in was this terrible, sandy, red earth and decided to […]

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Syringas are my most hated of alien, invasive plants in Durban. They spread like wildfire, grow easily in this climate and are a task to remove. Since coming back to Durban last October I have seen more and more of them, and it seems that many people (myself included) don’t know the details. A few […]

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