Amazing orange leaves

I was in Swaziland, at the Mkhaya National Park, when I saw this amazing tree with these deep, orange leaves.  I don’t know much about the tree but have always loved the photograph so I thought I’d share it.


I went down to Clansdale on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast last weekend.   In the garden of the house we had rented was a dead tree and on the trunk this amazing fungi was growing. Normally I would just appreciate it for its beauty but I had recently been reading Pitta Joffe’s Creative Gardening with Indigenous … Read more

What tree is this?

This tree was growing in my garden when we moved in.  Someone told me it was indigenous but I don’t have its proper name and couldn’t source it in any of my books. It has a thick, rough bark, thin leaves and long, pod-shaped seeds, but what I really like about it are its flowers.  … Read more