flowers tree

Blooming marvelous

I’ve noticed this striking tree in bloom all around my neighbourhood – in the scary kid park, outside the Pakistani hairdresser and lining the streets. Its the middle of winter so quite surprising to see such a display of colour. It is great but I know little about it – could it be indigenous?



Waterwise flowers

Hi everyone,

I am hoping to get some ideas from you all! I am in charge of planting some hanging baskets at my local cricket club. The club’s colours are red and black so ideally flowers that echo those are preferable. However, the club is about 20km out of town so the flowers will only get TLC once, maybe twice a week. The baskets will be on the southern side of the buildings, so shaded for most of the morning but exposed to the sun the rest of the time.

All ideas and suggestions are welcome!




Unknown flowers

I snapped these pics in a friend’s garden in KwaZulu-Natal but don’t know what they are or if they are indigenous. Does anybody recognise them? Or know what they might be used for?