Blooming marvelous

I’ve noticed this striking tree in bloom all around my neighbourhood – in the scary kid park, outside the Pakistani hairdresser and lining the streets. Its the middle of winter so quite surprising to see such a display of colour. It is great but I know little about it – could it be indigenous?


3 thoughts on “Blooming marvelous”

  1. they’re beautiful aren’t they? that park is indeed scary hey? the beautiful pink trees are about it’s only redeeming feature.

  2. Sorry – meant to say this under the post, and not this picture. I can’t be absolutely sure, but it looks a lot like a Botanical Garden tree in bloom right now that also has pink flowers like that. I had a look at the name tag and it is called the Pink Trumpet Tree aka Tabebuia impetiginosa. Wikipedia says that it is also related to the tree with the bright yellow flowers.

  3. Hi Steve, I think you may be right. The pictures look quite similar, bare tree except for the blooms. If so, it seems the Tabebuia Impetiginosa is distributed from northern Mexico to northern Argentina. Apparently it is indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago and is the national tree of Paraguay.

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