I am getting used to the Cape vegetation and the abundance of Protea plants here. The variety is amazing! Here is a pic I snapped last year in the Easter Cape, near KwaZulu-Natal. I gather this is a type of Protea or am I mistaken? The colour of the flowers is so vibrant and there are hairy pods on the stem. Who knows what it is?

10 thoughts on “Protea?”

  1. Not so sure, they look more like an Australian Grevillea. Yup, looks like the picture in my book. Yes it is a protea, but an Australian not a South African. Where were you? Was that growing wild?

  2. the flowers do look very similar to pincushions.but the seed pods do not look familiar…had a few pincushions in durbs but ants are vile and vicious…they killed the best ones.
    king proteas and the hybrid pink ice do brilliantly in durbs…got a fungal issues with them.
    theres a guy in greytown …raises them commercially..what a helpful dude.if u keen..

  3. it’s a shame that this is an australian version as it was growing wild in a nature reserve at mkhambathi in the eastern cape.

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