I am getting used to the Cape vegetation and the abundance of Protea plants here. The variety is amazing! Here is a pic I snapped last year in the Easter Cape, near KwaZulu-Natal. I gather this is a type of Protea or am I mistaken? The colour of the flowers is so vibrant and there are hairy pods on the stem. Who knows what it is?

9 thoughts on “Protea?”

  1. Not so sure, they look more like an Australian Grevillea. Yup, looks like the picture in my book. Yes it is a protea, but an Australian not a South African. Where were you? Was that growing wild?

  2. the flowers do look very similar to pincushions.but the seed pods do not look familiar…had a few pincushions in durbs but ants are vile and vicious…they killed the best ones.
    king proteas and the hybrid pink ice do brilliantly in durbs…got a fungal issues with them.
    theres a guy in greytown …raises them commercially..what a helpful dude.if u keen..

  3. it’s a shame that this is an australian version as it was growing wild in a nature reserve at mkhambathi in the eastern cape.

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