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Garden Bug

Could anyone ID this bug,it is being cared for by ants so it could be an aphid of some sort? JennyE

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The case of the black moss

A couple of years back I planted a fever tree outside our gate.  The tree never really took off.  It didn’t die or look sickly, it just never seemed to grow.  I put it down to the fact that the soil I had planted it in was this terrible, sandy, red earth and decided to […]

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Who’s been eating my Halleria?

We got three Halleria Lucida plants at the plant fair last spring. Two are doing swimmingly, while the third seems to have been infected with a fungi, or eggs laid by little miggies… Have a look and compare the two pictures. Do you know what those little miggies are? The Halleria infected by them is […]

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Accidental Bee Photography

I was taking a photograph of a Wild Garlic (tulbaghia violacea or isihaqa) flower this morning and a bee flew into the shot as I took the photograph. Pretty cool.

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Swarm of Dragonflies

There is a swarm of dragonflies (I would estimate 20 to 30) currently living in my garden.  They are most probably there because of an abundance of food – they eat other smaller insect such as aphids and flies, so I ain’t complaining.  Plus, they are pretty cool to watch darting about the place and […]

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