Swarm of Dragonflies

There is a swarm of dragonflies (I would estimate 20 to 30) currently living in my garden.  They are most probably there because of an abundance of food – they eat other smaller insect such as aphids and flies, so I ain’t complaining.  Plus, they are pretty cool to watch darting about the place and seem to have taken a liking to a jasmine vine I have growing in my courtyard.

Has anyone experienced something similar?  Is it a common occurrence?

Dragonfly fact – they belong to an ancient insect group called the Odonata, one  of the first flying creatures on earth.

Dragonfly (close-up)
Dragonfly (close-up)

Dragonflies on the jasmine vine.
Dragonflies on the jasmine

4 thoughts on “Swarm of Dragonflies”

  1. Hey Smile – that’s awesome about the dragonflies, and awesome about your garden blog… We only have one or two lonely guys that come skimming in over our pool – having a ‘swarm’ sounds way cooler…

  2. Those are mayflies, not dragon flies. Just a little FYI. You can tell by the body thickness and wing lengths! beautiful photos though!

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