Mexican Rosette

Another post, another pot plant – but this time I do know its name and where its from.  Its an Echeveria and its as Mexican as tequila and sombreros.  The leaves form an attractive rosette and have a waxy feel to them.  They are very easy to propagate, with a new plant growing from a single leaf.  In fact, my plants have all grown from a single leaf harvested from a friend’s garden.

You may be forgiven for thinking this little plant is South African as you can find them across the country, from dorpies in the Karoo to gardens in Melville.  Also, its part of the Crassulaceae family, as are many other South African succulents.

Interesting fact, courtesy of my What Flower Is That? book.  The name of the genus commemorates a Mexican botanical artist, Atanasio Echeveria.


3 thoughts on “Mexican Rosette”

  1. I always thought these were called rock or desert roses and that they were indigenous… Of course now it looks thoroughly Mexican. Tequila anyone? ha

  2. I have the same plant here my garden, I’ve actually transfered two into small pot plants and they grow within days just from one leave. They’re are beautiful to look at. I’ve always wondered what they called.

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