Permaculture in a pot

After visiting the recent Sustainable City’s exhibition, and seeing the Giba Organics display, I was inspired to set up a permaculture vege patch in a series of containers, with a helping hand from Mr Wooden Spoon.  It doesn’t look like it from the pics, but it was a hella windy day and topsoil, kraal manure and … Read more

Permaculture Advice

I’m taking my first tentative steps into vegetable gardening. My father grew up on a farm, so potentially it’s in my genes, but i don’t have a good perspective about how to go about it in the Cape, so I’d like to ask the esteemed Sprig readers for their input. I’ve built a permaculture bed (following these instructions) that is 2m x 1m, so far I’ve put in a lot of basil, a lot of kale, spring onions and some chives. I’d like to put in plants that are easy to grow, won’t die in the winter and provide a lot of yield (ie not one plant will produce one item).

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