Permaculture in a pot

After visiting the recent Sustainable City’s exhibition, and seeing the Giba Organics display, I was inspired to set up a permaculture vege patch in a series of containers, with a helping hand from Mr Wooden Spoon.  It doesn’t look like it from the pics, but it was a hella windy day and topsoil, kraal manure and leaves were flying everywhere!

Permaculture in a pot

Check out our step by step photo-guide at our Flickr group or in the gallery below.

5 thoughts on “Permaculture in a pot”

  1. Dear Niaill

    How does your little perma-potculture grow? 🙂

    I have constructed a wooden box which is 400mm deep do you think this is too deep for a permaculture fresh greens vibe…

    perhaps will just make some thicker layers…


  2. hey toastie

    not too deep but the plants don’t need that extra soil, so it might be a waste to fill it up. you could do a layer of stones, branches or bricks at the bottom and then start layering the soil from about halfway up the container.

    take a picture and send it in. I am interested to see what the box looks like as I’m keen to make some myself!

  3. Thanks Niall will send through the pics… the lettuces are coming along like wild fire. I put extra cardboard, dead organic and live organic to make up the space.

    I did use one full bag of manure and one full bag of top soil.

    Everything seems happy.


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