My tree fern and other plants

So the tree fern has given us a show of exuberant happiness this season, along with the chocolate cosmos which nestles … (okay, will leave out the silly pun) – but seriously they even smell of chocolate, and a moment of chocolate sniff does *not* stay a lifetime on the hips. Along the fence the petunia baskets hang above the pots of parsley, overseen by the tomato plant. What a lovely garden in the late London summer, even if I say so myself.




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  1. Thanks I will pass the compliments on to my garden : ) seriously, though, the tree fern seems to be really happy and lets us know by giving us a frondly touch when we walk past it. Somebody stop me! Also am very excited today because I scraped up the courage to go into our trendy veg shop on the high street to offer to supply them with freshly picked bagged parsley on the way into work each day – so fresh supply every day – and they said yes and they will put a ‘grown locally’ sticker on it and will swop for whatever I want from the veg on display. Gardening is generating of much joyfulness!

  2. If you send me your address, I could always try and post you some seeds from the UK … who knows, they may even get to you : ) we love our chocolate cosmos …

  3. Dear Elsa, That would be great, thks. I did look around the garden centres while I was there recently, but no luck. And Cosmos grows in the wild here, so should do well. Yeh, I know what you mean about the postal service, but let’s give it a try. Many thanks
    Please send to
    Elaine Ash, Pretoria News, PO Box 439, Pretoria, 0001

  4. Hi Elaine, been busy and finally got round to checking out the cosmos seed options… only to discover (if you google chocolate cosmos seeds you can read up on it) that the plant does NOT produce seeds it multiplies by division (lucky I didn’t have to work that one out in maths class). And the websites say that you have to lift and store the tubers in autumn (in the UK) to replant next year so there was hasty activity in the garden despite the temperatures this week (2 degrees). So our tubers are safely in the garage now but sorry can’t help you with seed. We live and learn! I see it’s a native Mexican plant so should thrive in SA’s warm climes.

  5. Dear Elsa,

    I’m really grateful for the trouble you took, and it’s just my luck. I don’t envy you your weather over there, although there is the odd day when the heat just gets too much.
    Some time ago, I even got in touch with the great Keith Kirsten himself and he told me that we was looking into getting the cosmos, but of course, still can’t get hold it it. I’m surprise too, being a warm weather plant that they don’t have it here. Think they are all just stuck in their little world and frightened to try something else.
    As a by the way, did you know that you cannot get solar water fountain pumps in this the country of sunshine. I had to buy one in the UK and bring it back with me. Again sincere thanks for trying. I will persist……
    warm regards

  6. Sadly, our chocolate cosmos did not grow back this year, it now has to RIP in its pot instead of resurrected after the winter. Now only to solve the puzzle of why when we think we did everything right.

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