Permaculture in a pot

After visiting the recent Sustainable City’s exhibition, and seeing the Giba Organics display, I was inspired to set up a permaculture vege patch in a series of containers, with a helping hand from Mr Wooden Spoon.  It doesn’t look like it from the pics, but it was a hella windy day and topsoil, kraal manure and … Read more

Green tea

I got this recipe for a liquid fertilizer from the permaculture course we did at the Durban Botanic Gardens.  Take a bucket of water and soak green leaves (I used comfrey) in it for a couple of days.  The resulting mixture is supposedly rich in nutrients that plants can easily absorbed.  I’ve added it to my sad looking fever tree and will report back as to its health in a week or two.

A bucket of goodness.
A bucket of goodness.

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