I went down to Clansdale on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast last weekend.   In the garden of the house we had rented was a dead tree and on the trunk this amazing fungi was growing. Normally I would just appreciate it for its beauty but I had recently been reading Pitta Joffe’s Creative Gardening with Indigenous … Read more

Garden Essentials: Green Bin

This green bin is essential for any garden.  You can get them from most hardware shops and some nurseries for about R600. I’ve always had a compost heap but this bin keeps any food waste away from the monkeys and the heat it generates speeds up the composting process.  I put grass cuttings, weeds and … Read more


I picked up this interesting-looking pot plant last week at the Shongweni Farmers Market (for a cool R100!).  The guy selling it didn’t have much information for me but could tell me it was part of the Ipomoea family. From Wikipedia, “The genus Ipomoea (Greek Ips, Ipos, worm or bindweed and Homoeos, resembling, referring to … Read more

Another aloe post

I really do love aloes and the aloe tenuior (Basutho Kraal Aloe, inhlaba empofu) in my garden is currently flowering.  This plant forms a thick shrub with spikes of red flowers shooting off it, attracting both whitebellied and Black Sunbirds.  The plant is also used as a protective charm by inyangas and a remedy (made … Read more