5 thoughts on “Everything’s coming up daisies”

  1. my gran used to have flowers that looked like these all over her garden as a sort of groundcover. they’d just send out runners everywhere. it was right on the beach too so the soil wasn’t particularly loamy, which made me think they must be quite hardy. so maybe it’s not the same flower. beautiful though!

  2. Hey Em – perhaps from the same family. The ones in my garden are more of a small bush than a running groundcover. They fragile because whole branches seem to die off quite easily – unless I’ve got ninja snails in my garden…

  3. osteospermum species. old / new name dimorphotheca
    white, purple or yellow petals.yellow is least common.
    trailing or not, depending on species.
    whites usually trail.
    many hybrids now.one has semi rolled up petals.stunning.this native is quite common at nurseries.
    hardy.except for ‘designer plants’ that are force fed and fattened for petunia like lifetimes.

    happy gardening.

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