Worms R Us

A while back myself and Sons went on a mission to get worm composters.  After chatting to a couple of people we decided it sounded like too much of a mission, but I’ve just discovered the website of a Durban (Westville and Umgeni) based company that supply cheap and easy to use earthworm farm kits.  Plus, the website has a wealth of information about worm farming and its benefits.

It may be time to rethink our position on them, what do you say Sons?

Check them out at www.wormsrus.co.za.

2 thoughts on “Worms R Us”

  1. Thank you for that comment.We have tried to keep our systems affordable as I believe vermicomposting is the way to go.If we could all
    compost our biodegradables and not send in plastic bags to our landfills we would be benefitting our enviroment.

    During the strike this week – as bags were not removed it was quite a shock to see the number of blue bags which contain garden refuse being taken away to the dump.

    It is not a dificult process at all and the worms do all the work.

  2. Hi Dee

    I agree. In Pitta Joffe’s Creative Gardening with Indigenous Plants she writes:

    “Don’t sweep up and then proceed to throw away fallen leaves, dried and faded flowers, fruits, small twigs, etc. Apart from the fact that this is a totally misdirected use of energy, it is also the equivalent to throwing away bags of compost … Mulch is nature’s way of feeding plants, conserving moisture and protecting the soil surface and structure.”

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