More on vertical gardening

A few weeks back I saw this on the interweb, Dagmar’s blog of a few days ago reminded me that I must get on it and publish. Eco-friendly recycling used gutters and creating a funky vertical garden for your vegetable/flower needs. I think it’s brilliant!

In the gutter
In the gutter

6 thoughts on “More on vertical gardening”

  1. cool re-use of gutters. I was actually trying to think of some way to grow veges up a wall as I have run out of garden space – this could be the solution.

  2. I love this… What a great solution for people without proper gardening space who would like to grow veggies and herbs. Might have to use it in my next apartment…

  3. Vertical growing is where it is at in the city and ‘burbs!

    Easy to harvest and super productive in a small space.

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