Worm Farms!

Dear Sprig,

I want to get a worm farm, but the only location I have in our garden is right next to our bedroom window – I’m worried the farm will attract flies, and worse, smell like something died!! Is it OK to have a worm farm so close to the living space?




Worms R Us

A while back myself and Sons went on a mission to get worm composters.  After chatting to a couple of people we decided it sounded like too much of a mission, but I’ve just discovered the website of a Durban (Westville and Umgeni) based company that supply cheap and easy to use earthworm farm kits.  Plus, the website has a wealth of information about worm farming and its benefits.

It may be time to rethink our position on them, what do you say Sons?

Check them out at


Feed me to the worms

Every Clivia Miniata I have planted in our garden has been slowly but surely eaten alive by worms. It is the most distressing thing to see such a lush green plant being slowly destroyed. I have not gone the poison root for obvious reasons and so have had to say farewell, one by one, to my beloved Clivias. I have rescued the last one and potted her – I gave her a good spray down with the hosepipe in the hopes of drowning any worms. Her roots were a little dodgy, with some rotten or worm eaten and just came away in my hands. Here’s hoping some tlc will see her right and banish those nasty worms. Anyone know about these worms by the way? Any solutions? This site offers some very interesting reading on the Clivia Miniata.