My very own permaculture garden

Inspired by the Durban Botanic Gardens permaculture course we attended, my mom and myself set about creating a small garden of our own.  We first created the border of the bed using old bricks we found in the garden.  We then layered the bed with cardboard, then dead organic matter (dry leaves), then live organic matter (green lives), then activator (kraal manure) and lastly topsoil.  The entire mix was about two bricks high.

We then set about planting the bed with a mixture of seedlings and seeds.  We alternated rows between plants that grow up (such as lettuce) and plants that grow down (such as carrots) as these plants require different nutrients from the soil.  We planted broccoli, spinach, carrots, radish, egg plant, green pepper, lettuce, green beans and spring onions, with marigolds interspersed throughout to deter pests.

Lastly, we put a thick mulching (of dry grass) on top of the soil and watered heavily.  This was just over a week ago and my mom has reported that some of the seedlings are already up.  Will visit her on the weekend with my camera and report back next week.

My very own permaculture garden.
My very own permaculture garden.

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  1. I have trouble with containers and have decided to try this method – potting mix one buys seems to have too much bark and eventually container doesn’t retain moisture even with plenty of compost.
    I have lots of crocks at the bottom but not successful.After a while the containers seem to channel water down the sides and out leaving most of the soil dry.

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