Garden Essentials: Fly-trap

Durban in the summer is hot, humid and wet – the perfect weather for a plague of flies.   Which is why each year I buy one of these nifty fly-traps and hang it in a tree.  The trap is an ingenious design, with a funneled entrance which makes it easy for the fly to enter but near impossible to exit.  The liquid at the bottom consists of a strong-smelling, protein mix that works to attract the flies.

In the permaculture course I recently attended, they showed us how to create a similar trap from an old two-litre Coke bottle so next summer I’ll give that a try.

Garden Essentials: Fly Trap
Garden Essentials: Fly Trap

3 thoughts on “Garden Essentials: Fly-trap”

  1. ‘strong smelling’ is right – those things reek. esp when they get filled up with dead flies. yuk. but you’re right, very effective, and app the dead fly juice makes good compost when you bring the trap down.

  2. Very stinky, very gross with a mass of dead flies and writhing maggots… An absolutely horrendous job to dispose of – I believe Roger gagged!

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