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Wild dagga pushing through the flowering shurb.

What flower is this?

A friend once commented that this shrub looked like a weed.  Wait ’til it flowers, I said. While, its just started flowering and it is spectacular.  It has numberous clusters of small, pink flowers, which the bees are going wild for.  The problem is, I’ve forgotten its name and can’t find it in my gardening […]

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Kudu Lily's spiny trunk.

Kudu Lily

I couldn’t find this plant in my succulent book so all the information I have is anecdotal.  I think its called the Kudu Lily and from the Karoo.  I’m guessing it got its name from the fact that the kudu likes to eat its flower? It has a spiny stem and dark, waxy leaves which […]

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Wild Garlic plant and flower.

Snake Charms

One of my all time favourite indigenous plants, and also very popular with landscapers in Durban, is the Wild Garlic (Tulbaghia violacea or Isihaqa).  It grows in clumps of grey-green, strappy leaves that smell strongly of garlic when bruised or, in fact, even when watered.  Beautiful purple flowers appear at the end of stalks throughout […]

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Fleeting flower

Here is a picture of my cactus flower which only lasted a day.  It had a slight fragrance.  Does anyone have more details on the plant or flower?  I am interested to know if it is indigenous. (more…)

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Agapanthus in bloom

My agapanthus africanus (Kleinbloulelie, uBani) are in bloom.  They really are great plants as, for most of the year, they just fade into the foliage and then, come summer, they shoot up these magnificant flowers that attract a variety of insects.  The name is from the Greek agape (love) and anthos (flower) – superb! They […]

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