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Cool Garden 4

How does her garden grow?

No cockle shells here, some stones..  When we think of gardens (particularly here in Durban) we often think luscious green… On the contrary, my mother, Helen, has created a unique and interesting garden mainly using stones, pot plants, succulents and cacti… I think the pics speak for themselves. Isn’t it cool? (more…)

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Naboom berries.


I planted this tree (known as Naboom or umPapha) a few years back not knowing how big it would get.  Turns out, its going to be huge and near impossible to cut down due to its poisonous sap.  Luckily it has room to grow and I find its flowers and berries rather beautiful.  Birds are […]

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International First Love Day

Today is the first International First Love Day over at BridgetMcNulty.com.  As this is a gardening blog, I’ll stick to the first plant I loved and the first plant which got me into gardening, a little cactus I blogged about a few months ago. What were the first plant(s) that got you interested in gardening?

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How to kill a cactus

In an earlier post, my mom asked for help identifying a cactus she has in her garden.  Ross came to the rescue, pointing out that it is a Cereus peruviana and a category 1 invader!  Needless to say, she now wants it out of her garden but if we cut it down with a panga […]

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Gardening at night…

These cacti are a fairly common occurrence in Durban and other parts of South Africa. They have an amazing flower that only opens at night and early morning. Commonly known as the Princess / Queen of the Night, the nightblooming cereus, which I have in my garden and had always assumed was indigenous, does in fact originate from Central America, […]

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