Creighton Aloe Festival July 2010

10th & 11th July 2010. Also Departs on the weekends of 3rd & 4th and 17th & 18th July.

Aloe Steam Train
Aloe Steam Train

Enjoy an amazing return steam train ride from Creighton, alongside the Ngogwaan river, through thousands of beautiful & colourful Aloes where you will be able to take a spectacular photo.  Enjoy on 10th & 11th July an eventful weekend with birding tours, mission tours, scenic Cycle ride; Art exhibitions Vintage engines on display & Delicious meals & a country market.

Train trip options :  please be there at least 30-45 min before departure time

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An unhappy aloe

Hi Spriggers!

My aloe looks unhappy… Any idea why?

It’s kind of blotchy and the tips are dying. I thought I was watering it too much, but I’ve stopped that and it still looks bleak.

Help please!


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Tropical Decay

I live in Durban, which has a sub-tropical climate, and am a huge fan of aloes. A few aloe veras, which I have planted on a shady bank, have developed a fungus (close-up on second pic) which seems to be rotting the plant.  Any suggestions as to what it might be and a possible cure?

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Roadside Aloe

I have posted these elsewhere and Niall also posted some pics but I thought I should share these beautiful Aloes we came across on the side of the road in the Eastern Cape. Happy Monday! 🙂

Beautiful Aloe 1
Beautiful Aloe 1
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Aloe for ID submitted Oct 2009

I submitted a photo of a flower of an aloe in Oct last year. I have managed to get hold of a stem of the plant that may assist in the positive ID of the Aloe. Have a look.