Indigenous Impatiens

Just had to share this plant. It is Impatiens hochsteterii. Indigenous to our country. Likes fairly light open shade.  It seems to only grow from seedling and not from cutting. Has anyone had experience with these indigenous plants or had any luck with propagation from cutting. I have managed to salvage seedlings but they are battling.

Impatiens hochsteterii growing in a pot with some spekboom and looking very happy

7 thoughts on “Indigenous Impatiens”

  1. beautiful plant but it does look like it would be difficult to grow from a cutting. with all those flowers surely there must be loads of seeds – it may be easier to collect those and grow from seed?

  2. what a beautiful plant! about a year or so ago all our impatience died, the usual fat petaled ones in hues of pink. apparently it was some sort of disease that wiped a whole lot of the out. but now i see my neighbour has some on her boarder so i guess they’re back. i bet the indig. ones wouldn’t have been affected! local is lekker.

  3. Hi Henry
    I have never seen the indigenous impatiens on sale. The one I photographed was given to me as a seedling by a friend. They seem to self seed quite readily, but of course this doesn’t help you. If I see some I can let you know. Zelda

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