Our permaculture garden is thriving and we have now started harvesting vegetables, mainly lettuce and radish, but yesterday we ate beetroot from the garden and it was delicious.   The beans, peppers and eggplants all have flowers on them and will be growing fruit soon, I’m sure.

The garden has required little to no attention after the initial set up and seems impervious to pests (thanks marigold).

Looking good ...
Looking good …

11 thoughts on “Harvest!”

  1. ha ha smile, now we all know what colour your pee was this morning! that beetroot is quite something – what a beautiful plant. when i had silkworms as a child my ma told me that if you fed them beetroot instead of mulberry leaves leaves they would spin pink silk. never tried it out though.

  2. Smile look at all that growing food ….and it looks pretty … well done … next stop Lambert Rd …

  3. thanks all, it is incredibly satisfying, not to mention delicious, to eat something out of your own garden. I am a convert.

    Community Sponsored Agriculture, eh? sounds like a great plan.

  4. Help! I’m an aspiring spud cultivator but canne find any good info on this dastardly interwub thingymajob.
    I’ve currently a good crop in the ground, it was 12weeks this past Saturday and, allegedly, ready for harvest.
    My problem is, however, they’re the size of wee fekkin marbles!
    So, great veggie bloggers, do I leave them and hope they grow more, or haul em out (with my non-existent spud-harvesting techniques)?
    And don’t be making any jokes about the Irish and spuds now, to be sure to be sure!

  5. Looking good there Niall!

    The little corner of our block that I’ve taken over has shaken off the winter and gone absolutely batshit in the last three weeks – strawberries, basil, coriander, jalapenos, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, pawpaw, lemon grass, pineapple, tomatoes, peas, paprika, mint, rocket, naartjie – the list goes on. Am now staging a stealthy takeover of further neglected areas. Out with with exotics, in with the chow!

    It’s deadly eating straight outta the garden.

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