Through the Cosmos

I was recently up in the Eastern Freestate and these beautiful cosmos flowers line the country roads. Found this great quote on the South African Tourism site, and its true, we did drive past many  war memorials.

“It is no coincidence that the roads lined with cosmos flowers lead  to many memorials of the Anglo-Boer War. Historians believe that  the seeds of the flowers, originally from Mexico, were brought in  with bags of feed for English horses during the war and today they  flower in luminous marshmallow shades of pink and white from late  summer to late autumn.”


4 thoughts on “Through the Cosmos”

  1. Thanks for lovely pics and history of plants gathered in Dec along the Golden Gate road for my old friend (who was gracious about the parched darlings that landed on her limestone doorstep). Clarens does great cherry everything, those blossoms must be fabulous in the mountain setting.

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