A pineapple plant

A friend has this plant living in a pot on her balcony. Its called a pineapple plant, for obvious reasons, and is inidgenous to South Africa. While hiking in the Maloti Mountains, I was quite surprised to see one in the wild as I had assumed it was a sub-tropical plant. Does anyone have any more information about it?


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  1. The family is Eucomis, and this one might be E. autumnalis, though my botanist wife might correct me – there are 11 of them. She wrote about the medical properties of the plant for her PhD. It is a very popular traditional medicine. Decoctions of the bulb are administered for many ailments from lower backache to aiding in healing fractures and to facilitate childbirth.


  2. Hey Steve

    Cool plant and cool info.

    You should get that botanist wife of yours to write a post or two 🙂

  3. I think she should write too. The information is so much better when it comes from the real researcher, not her dilettante husband…

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