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WANTED: Comfrey Seeds

Hi Sprig, I am looking for Comfrey seeds or plants. I live in Somerset West. I see someone else asked the same question last year. Did they get any info? Mulch love from me, Jen Douglas

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OFFERED: Spekboom seedlings

I have 5 small spekboom plants in a seedling tray that were taken from cuttings in December. They are very healthy and I am happy for anyone in the Durban area to have them. I really don’t want to post them! Helen McNulty African Cotton

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Help with Spekboom project

I am a teacher at a socio and economically challenged school and community.  I am situated on the border of the Gauteng and Nort west Provinces, close to Johannesburg with various mines and industries with polution issues. I would like to use the spekboom nursery to address environmental awareness at the school, supplement the school […]

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WANTED: Spekboom cutting

Dear Sir/ Madam I would appreciate getting Spekboom cuttings. I came across this article in 2011 Indigenous Gardening Handbook and would like to grow it. Regards, Isaac

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It’s the bomb!

A seed bomb (or green grenade) is designed to enable seeds to be sown in hard to reach places or where a gardener cannot take long to prepare the ground. It is a compressed ball of soil and compost that contains seeds. Apparently, seedbombing is widely used in parts of Africa where grass seeds are […]

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