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WANTED: Comfrey Seeds

Hi Sprig,

I am looking for Comfrey seeds or plants. I live in Somerset West. I see someone else asked the same question last year. Did they get any info?

Mulch love from me,

Jen Douglas

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OFFERED: Spekboom seedlings

I have 5 small spekboom plants in a seedling tray that were taken from cuttings in December.

They are very healthy and I am happy for anyone in the Durban area to have them.

I really don’t want to post them!

Helen McNulty
African Cotton

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Help with Spekboom project

I am a teacher at a socio and economically challenged school and community.  I am situated on the border of the Gauteng and Nort west Provinces, close to Johannesburg with various mines and industries with polution issues. I would like to use the spekboom nursery to address environmental awareness at the school, supplement the school funds, teach the learners practical entrepreneurial skills to enable them to break the cycle of poverty by becoming self employed entrepreneurs instead of unemployed, poverty stricken citizens of our country.

I have already started on a very small scale experimenting with making cuttings and growing the spekboom, however, I need guidance and advise as to how to develop the project further and I am hoping that you would be able to assist me in achieving this goal.  If not, I would appreciate it very much if you would be able to direct me to someone that would be able to assist me in achieving this goal. Thank you very much and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Sandra Kruger


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WANTED: Spekboom cutting

Dear Sir/ Madam

I would appreciate getting Spekboom cuttings. I came across this article in 2011 Indigenous Gardening Handbook and would like to grow it.



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It’s the bomb!

A seed bomb (or green grenade) is designed to enable seeds to be sown in hard to reach places or where a gardener cannot take long to prepare the ground. It is a compressed ball of soil and compost that contains seeds. Apparently, seedbombing is widely used in parts of Africa where grass seeds are placed in biodegradable containers and launched grenade style onto barren land.

Other “guerilla gardeners” do it for fun by making seed bombs at home and throwing them into vacant lots / barren or urban areas on morning jogs / from a passing car etc. 🙂 If you’re interested in making one of these,