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Another snake

This snake was in our lounge over the weekend. We live upstairs in a maisonette and have had a few visiting snakes over the years. We swept this one down the stairs and into the garden. Does anyone know why a snake would come into the house, especially upstairs? Helen McNulty African Cotton

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Poor Snake

This morning our dogs were barking at this snake that was coming out of the water hole in the wall, backwards. By the time my husband came to look at it, the poor thing was horizontal as per picture. He – my husband not the snake – seems to think it might have swallowed something […]

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Frog repellent

I live near a spruit, which has numerous protected frog species. We get hundreds of frogs coming into the garden and house, thus attracting the snakes too. Does anyone know of a plant that would keep the frogs out of the gardens? Tams

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