Frog repellent

I live near a spruit, which has numerous protected frog species. We get hundreds of frogs coming into the garden and house, thus attracting the snakes too. Does anyone know of a plant that would keep the frogs out of the gardens?


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  1. This is quite an interesting question as most people are trying to attract wildlife to their gardens, and not the other way around.

    I don’t know of any plants that repel frogs but I’m thinking that maybe the plants/environment in your garden attracts them, through providing food or shelter. Maybe that could be a solution?

  2. Coarse salt is a frog repellent. It apparently burns their warty little feet. The ethics of this ‘torture-lite’ route may be questionable, but at least it does not kill them.

  3. Why do you want to keep frogs out of your garden? They are an indicator species of a healthy environment. That would mean healthy for you too. But of course after you’ve sprinkled salt, and killed the plants …

  4. Frogs can be a very loud nuisance. Good to know if something xan get rid of them without killing them.

  5. Im desperate every night we hear load croaking from the pool and we find them mating leaving their long strings of eggs, so every day we throw about 6 to 8 adults over the wall, anything besides salt i can try

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