Sad Cycad now

I took the advice from Lorraine in June this year and look how my cycad has come back to life! I trimmed all the fronds as I really couldn’t look at them anymore.

My husband took these photos over the last three Saturdays and I think my cycad now poses when he comes along.

One Glad Cycad, hooray!



Sad Cycad

My poor Cycad and her baby have developed a fungus looking coating and I think they are in big trouble.

Help Please.

Thank you, Spriggers
Helen McNulty

African Cotton:


cycadian rhythm

Uuuum… Would anybody have advice on the following?

I need to purchase a juvenile (legal/licensed!) cycad in the Cape Town area, before mid-November. It’s going to be potted in a large Grecian urn.

Can’t pay millions but am against stealing one from the gardens. Must be a legally adopted one.


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