cycadian rhythm

Uuuum… Would anybody have advice on the following?

I need to purchase a juvenile (legal/licensed!) cycad in the Cape Town area, before mid-November. It’s going to be potted in a large Grecian urn.

Can’t pay millions but am against stealing one from the gardens. Must be a legally adopted one.


Make every word count.

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  1. cycads do grow quite big. i am wondering how big the urn is.
    encephalatos villosus grows quite rapidly on the east is common and cheap.
    stangeria eriopsis(is that name the right way about) is more like a fern, smaller sized ,rarer and is from forest margin areas in stanger and balito world.
    much luck.

  2. You can buy cycads from most big nurseries, Kirstenbosch should have them. Obviously the older they are the more expensive they will be.

    They can grow big, but do take a long time to do so.

    If you have patience (read: years) you can try growing your own from seed Encephalatos ferox is an easy one to grow from seed.

    Stangeria eriopsis is indeed a really unique cycad, and is unlike the Encephalatos species.

    Cycas species, while not true cycads, are more commonly available (and cheaper I think) and they do look similar.

  3. Thanks to all you cycad experts! Dont think I have the patience to grow one from seed. May as well get a redwood bonsai…

    Happy gardening weekend. I believe KZN is very dry. No doubt we in the Cape will have a dry summer too. it’s gusting about 45km/h today, so not very amenable to pottering in the garden, but still.

    Mol-D — congratulations on your engagement! Happinesses.

  4. Hey Gareth … you can buy them from the herbalist market in durban, not sure if they are legal though!

    And yeah, congrats to Mol-d and Kim, x

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