Rocket in your pocket

Or at least in a pocket-sized tray in your garden.

A couple of months back, a friend dropped off some cupcakes in a broken catering tray, which he said I should just throw away. Being incredibly thrifty, and sure that I’d have a use for it later, I kept the tray in my garage. My mom always has a steady stream of rocket from her permaculture garden and, inspired by this and the ridiculous prices they charge for rocket at the supermarket, I set about creating a mini-rocket farm. Firstly, I fixed the tray with some gaffer tape then hammered some drainage holes into the base of it. I added soil, made some furrows, dropped the rocket seeds into them, covered and watered. Within a week the seeds had sprouted and we’ve been eating fresh rocket in our salads ever since!

The beauty of this experiment is that we could have grown the rocket in a space as big as the tray. This is the ideal sort of food gardening for people living in flats or duplexes and you get such enjoying from eating the food you grow.

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