Bonsai Tulip

A few weeks back I went to the nursery to get a small tree for an empty bonsai pot I had when I got distracted by the display of bulbs. I’ve never actually grown bulbs but decided to give the tulips a go, what with my niece being Dutch. So, I grabbed a bag and packed my ceramic bonsai pot with them, watered and left. I’m happy to say that the bulbs have survived and started to sprout. I can now see the excitement in bulbs as every morning I head outside to see if any more have sprouted or how much they have grown.

Being a plant and computer nerd, I have documented the whole process and will undoubtably post some pictures once they flower.

5 thoughts on “Bonsai Tulip”

  1. Very comprehensively documented – don’t monkeys try to eat the bulbs though? I remember them munching on ours when we tried to grow some.

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