Scented Grass Bulbine

In an earlier post, I wrote about  the Bulbine latifolia.  I also have another species of bulbine, the Scented Grass or Narrow-leaved Bulbine, in my garden and it has just started flowering.  It has tiny, delicate, starry-yellow flowers which shoot out on stalks, about 50cm high.  It is very easy to propagate – by dividing … Read more

Queen of the Flowers

The Hibiscus or Queen of the Flowers is commonplace in KZN, so much so that part of our southern coast is named after this flower. But the most common species of Hibiscus in South Africa, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, otherwise known as Chinese Hibiscus, originates from South-East Asia. Interestingly, the Hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia where … Read more

Kingfisher alert!

So, as you may have guessed from the title, this post is not about a plant but rather a kingfisher I spotted in the garden this morning.   The photographs are not the best as I don’t have much of a zoom lens and as soon as I got close to him he flew away.

But nonetheless, it is pretty great having a bird such as this in my garden.  There must be some kind of food he eats around – slugs, beetles?

Kingfisher alert!
Kingfisher alert!

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Autumnal Colours

Apologies for my blog slackness. The aloes in our garden are a magnificent display of orange at the moment and I absolutely had to do a post about them. They really are flaunting it. Not quite sure which exact aloes these little babies are – but they sure are beautiful…