Mother-in-law’s tongue

I’ve never seen a mother-in-law’s tongue sprout a new leaf – it’s a strange sight – and quite beautiful!

mother-in-law’s tongue
mother-in-law’s tongue

Update: Mother-in-Law’s tongue

Sadly the ants have gnawed away at some of the buds, but it looks like the ones remaining are turning into leaves …


12 thoughts on “Mother-in-law’s tongue”

  1. Hmmm….I’m not convinced about it being a flower. I’ve never seen a flower on one of these plants, but I’ll take photographic evidence as it grows. Let’s wait and see…. 🙂

  2. wow, that’s totally odd. i’ve also never seen a flower on mother in laws tongue, despite our garden being full of them. and yet it doesn’t really look like a leaf hey?

  3. Sure wish I’d seen this comment (snake plant) before I submitted another pic – I was convinced it was a leaf! Sons you won! Smile I’ve most definitely learnt something from your blog!

  4. I’ve just commented on your other submission… And someone from America had to confirm it for us. Thank you Kirstieraeofsun – and I wish we could offer you a free trip to our country…

  5. I am batteling to get hold of this plant. Maybe there are newe types in the nursery – but the old ones – I can not manage to get hold of it.

    Im in Kempton Park, South Africa

  6. hi Anita. you should try to get a cutting from someone, that is what I did with my plant. they grow really easily. I would give you one if you came to Durban 🙂

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