Kudu Lily

I couldn’t find this plant in my succulent book so all the information I have is anecdotal.  I think its called the Kudu Lily and from the Karoo.  I’m guessing it got its name from the fact that the kudu likes to eat its flower?

It has a spiny stem and dark, waxy leaves which it loses in winter.

Kudu Lily flower.
Kudu Lily flower.
Kudu Lily.
Kudu Lily.
Kudu Lily's spiny trunk.
Kudu Lily’s spiny trunk.

9 thoughts on “Kudu Lily”

  1. what a crazy-ass plant! those are beautiful flowers tohugh, do they smell? have a great weekend schmeel. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I saw 4 of these plants at the SPCA yesterday and was about to buy you one Smile until the assisstant told me they don’t do well in Natal, they prefer a dryer climate

  3. I have a Kudu Lily and live in Westville, KZN. It flourishes and blooms well – alongside a Nyala Lily which is a very similar plant – but with pink flowers. I just have to remember NOT to water them! What a pleasure.

  4. I unfortunately left mine out in the rain this past summer and it has developed some rot – still alive though!

  5. hello, i am French, i bought a Kudu Lili in a nusery inside Kruger Park in summer 2009, it travelled in an empty water bottle in my bag in the plane … it is still alive … outside in summer and inside in the kitchen in winter, i live near PARIS in France, i hope i will see its whites flowers …

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