Zulu Barbwire

This excellent creeper has such deadly thorns that it has been colloquially named ‘Zulu Barbwire’. One plant at the base of a fence or hedge will quickly grow up and out, creating a near impenetrable barrier to would be thieves.  And with its delicate white flowers, its a much more attractive solution than barbwire or an electric fence.

Anyone else have suggestions for natural barriers we could use in South Africa?

4 thoughts on “Zulu Barbwire”

  1. I was intrigued as to which plant is called ‘Zulu Barbwire’… the picture shows Asparagus falcatus for those of you who would like to go to a nursery and purchase one. It is a good choice indeed. For more severe cover, but you will need more space, use Acacia kraussiana

  2. I went for a walk in the Umhlanga Nature Reserve yesterday and spotted this plant in the ‘wild’ – pretty exciting!

  3. Asparagus falcatus is a great barrier as a scrambler and Barleria rotundifloia is fantastic as a hedge. It can grow very tall and bushy, but can be trimmed to a neat dense hedge. Has big yellow flowers and is indigenous.

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