A friend has just given me a turmeric plant, which she tells me grows very well in Durban. You eat the root, just like ginger, which it also looks quite similar too.  Now I wonder what recipe calls for fresh turmeric?



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  1. its used fresh in south east asia…so i guess malay or thai cooking.
    they claim it is sweeter than the dry pulverised variety.the dry stuff being bitter,is used in
    moderation.it is not a substitute for saffron in mogul cuisine.
    turmeric great at preventing stomach cancer or similar.
    but Chips beware…..your fingers will be Yellow!

  2. Turmeric is used extensively in curries and Asian dishes. It has FABULOUS health qualities. Google it, you’ll be amazed.


  3. We are looking for a tumeric plant to propagate. Is there anywhere near Durban where tumeric plants can be purchased???

  4. i kinda bought the root at sunrise fruit and veg on brickfield road overport.
    plants tend to dry up as it cools down and rains less.
    if you fail i could give you a piece of mine.
    nice purple tinged white flowers circa february

  5. I am meaning to find out if anyone can sell me a little piece of it. I have suffered from acne all my life, I hear I need to drink its juice everyday. Please help!

  6. I have been looking for a turmeric plant forever, have had no joy. Do you know of anywhere I can obtain one?

  7. Hi Desiree

    My plant has actually died 🙁 but couldn’t you grow it from a tumeric root obtained from the grocery store?

  8. I’ve also been looking for a plant for ages. I’ve only ever seen it fresh in a shop once, and would love to know of any shops that stock it regularly. I live in Joburg. It was delicious – not much like the dried powder, which I find a bit tasteless. I used it in curries. But be warned – chopping board, grater, fingers…. bright yellow for days.

  9. Hi

    I live in Cape Town. I would love to grow turmeric. All I need, I understand, is a piece of root with shooting capability. I have grown ginger before, and from what I have read, it behaves similarly. Can anyone help?

  10. Pls could someone give me the contact details of the person who sells organic turmeric roots. I’m hoping that I can purchase some & that they can be posted to me.

  11. Thank you so much!! We’ve been advised to use it for our dog who has dreadfully itchy skin. But has to be fresh, not the irradiated dried supermarket variety. Will let you know if it works.

  12. Hey
    I need to get some fresh Turmeric….any idea where to find it near Durban or Pietermaritzburg KZN?

  13. Hi I live in Durban and would love to buy both turmeric roots and the plant. Could anyone advise where available?

  14. Fesh turmeric is very good for scars and skin.Crushed fresh turmeric with few drops water then put in the brown spots .
    Also very goods for pregnant women.

  15. I am in Durban North – any local growers where I could a piece from to grow? Love making a tea out of a piece of turmeric root, ginger root and cinnamon. Very refreshing drink.

  16. I am looking for a plant can anyone advise my husband is travelling to PMB and Durban this weekend. Contact me 0742494835 thanks

  17. I had an Uncle who passed away this year at the age of 90. At the age of 79 he became incredibly ill and was hospitalized at Groote Schuur Hospital. There the Doctors and medical team after numerous tests could not establish the cause of his condition and neither could they make an accurate diagnosis. They however established that his illness was so bad, that he had regressed so much, that the only option was for him to go home and die at home. There was nothing they could do for him. He left did some research on turmeric root and made himself a tea which he drank a few times per day. He healed miraculously and lived another ten years eventually dying of old age and peacefully.
    I have been able to find Turmeric here in Cape Town at the Sea Point branch of Checkers and my research has revealed that Gardens Pick and Pay and also Atlas Spices in Bokaap stocks the root. However I have also established that there is water shortages in Kwa Zulu Natal and that the supply has been short for the passed 3 months. I have come up with a health drink which uses numerous local and indigenous root, plant and fruit but cannot find a regular supply of Turmeric. It would be incredibly helpful for me to get my own seed or plant to start a turmeric garden. Any HELP?

  18. I have a plant growing in an ice-cream tub. I live in Butterworth in Transkei and i do not have any problem with it

  19. I have 640 Turmeric plants in bags, sorry but I am not selling large quantities as yet. I sell an average of 2-4 kilograms per Saturday at the Shongweni Farmer’s Market. (The African Garden)

  20. Hi
    I have the beautifully flowered plant.
    I got mine at builders whse in durban, and checkers hyper shops has,them too R140

  21. I am selling 100% Raw Organic Tumeric Root.
    We’ve been farming it for the last 130years.
    The GrandParent plant has its origin from India.
    No fertiliser or tap water used. We Farm on good planting fields on the outskirts of Durban where we only use a fresh water source from Mother Earth , Clean Air and nothing has changed to date. It was never cross cropped with weeds or genetically modified. Any test welcome. Can be replanted but won’t yield good offspring due to pollution in most areas (soil , air & water types vary).

    Best product for healing , wellness & longevity.

    Price R750 per kg delivered Nationwide.
    Rakesh Singh
    084 9559 417
    (062 817 0987 whatsapp)

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