The sweet scent of spring

Well, spring is here. Branches are heavy with flowers and new growth, the morning light wakes us earlier and earlier and we discover new delights in our garden. I bought this Jasminum Multipartitum (Wild Jasmine) plant at last year’s Botanic Soc sale. It struggled through last year barely pushing out any new growth and I was frankly a little bit disappointed. Yet again my garden teaches patience because this spring she has simply blossomed. All new green shoots and in a show of happiness she’s been flowering with delicate little star flowers that are so beautifully scented I would like to walk around with a few of them up my nose all day. That would be taking it a bit far I guess!  But, what joy to get to know a plant in your garden, one that’s a little shy and has finally said “hey, I’d like to get to know you too”…

Starry starry white
Starry starry white

3 thoughts on “The sweet scent of spring”

  1. spring has most definitely sprung. I was working in the garden and could smell the jasmine wafting through the air. reminded me of ollie’s house in cape town.

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