Plumbago, plumbago, plumbago

Great name for a great plant.  Or, to give it its full name Plumbago auriculata, also called Plumbago capensis, Blue plumbago, Cape plumbago or Cape leadwort.

This is really good plant for hedging and will also trail up a tree or fence.  If planted in a sunny spot it flowers throughout the year (well, in Durban in any case) and has a has a multitude of white or blue flowers.  As a child, I remember playing with the flowers as they have a very sticky base that will grasp on to your clothes, or rather, your baby sister’s clothes.

My plants, grown as border along a wall, are currently in bloom.

Plumbago, Plumbago, Plumbago
Plumbago, Plumbago, Plumbago

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