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Wild Dagga for Eczema?

Can anyone help Avashnee and her son out? mol-d


I came across your website, and was wondering about  Wild Dagga (Leonotis Leonurus). I have a son who is suffering from very bad Eczema and many people told me to get him to bathe in this?

Please could you let me know.

Avashnee Manickum


Leonotis Leonurus

A rather beautiful name for a somewhat sparse green bush that Roger has accused of being a ‘weed’. However, in the last few days Leonotis (as we’ll call her) has been pushing out furry orange spider legs from her green foliage and making quite a show of herself.  Some call her lion’s tail, another site said Leonurus means ‘lion’s ears’, others label her ‘wild dagga’. I found a site in the US expousing her legal status and recommending that you “don’t operate heavy machinery under the influence” – one of the more sensible ones hinted that she is rather a poor substitute for tobacco and has been smoked as such for aeons (possibly even by the bush men, yet another site boasts). So what a checkered past our Leonotis has, when all she wants is the peace to be in nature and do what she does best… shine!

Incy wincy spider
Incy wincy spider