Iboza Riparia is an indigenous, winter-flowering shrub that grows to about 1.5 metres tall. The species name, riparia, shows that it grows naturally on river banks. Iboza is  super easy to grow from cuttings and can grow up to around 80cm a year. It has pretty, petite, white flowers.

Iboza has been effectively used for centuries in traditional African medicine as a highly powerful anti-microbic agent. The leaves, which have a strange, smoky scent when rubbed,  contain the strongest anti-microbic substance and also have anti-fungal and some anti-malarial properties. Traditional Zulu uses of the leaves include treating respiratory complaints, malaria, flu, diarrhoea, and also as an inhalant for headaches.

I have a fair few cuttings if anyone would like some. Apparently, with spring en route, now is the time to plant.

Iboza bush
Iboza bush

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