The flowers are here!

Cape Town is in bloom at the moment and despite the cold mornings, it’s starting to feel a lot like summer. Take a look at these beautiful flower patches, taken near the Waterfront earlier today.


Has Spring Sprung?

These lovely bushes are all over Green Point in Cape Town, in full bloom. Is it officially spring? Hope so 🙂

P.s. what are these shrubs?

food garden tree

Cape Limes?


I was hoping you could assist me please. I am looking at growing lime trees for produce in Cape Town.

Do you have any idea if:

a) It is feasible to grow them in Cape Town?

b) What sort of conditions are

environment sustainability

Cape composting

I just found out some interesting info. Did you know that all of the green municipal waste in Cape Town is composted. This is about 800 tons per day. Normally it would have been dumped in a landfill resulting in huge emissions of green house gases, but a company called Soil and More,  based here in Holland organises for it to be composted, avoiding the emissions.

They work with a company called Reliance in Cape Town.  They get the emissions savings accredited and the resulting carbon credits are sold to companies who wish to reduce their carbon footprint.  This company does similar projects in Brazil, India, Mexico and Egypt, and soon in Ethiopia too.  Cool, huh?


food garden

Cape Garden 1.0

Ladies and gents, meet my first garden in the Cape. Cape Garden 1.0, if you will. We’re in Observatory, so plots are small, but we got lucky with a great courtyard and garden space. Three months after moving in, and having pulled up the masses of weeds which grew during winter’s wet season, my wife and I now have a nice little kitchen garden up and running, from which we eat daily. Hell, enterprising woman that she is, she’s just taken to making sundried tomatoes with the surplus. She’s learnt trick from a blog she found: dry them on your car’s dashboard during the heat of the day. Best sundried tomatoes I ever ate.

Our list of herbs and vegetables are: coriander, basil, lemon grass, tomato (large, rosa and pomodori), sorrel, lettuce (3 kinds), marjoram, oregano, lavender, rosemary, parsley, mint, spearmint, pennyroyal, lemon thyme, celery, rocket, leeks, spring onion, wild sage, wild rosemary, catnip and comfrey. These take up most of our space, but we’ve saved a patch for indigenous species, which we’ve mostly gotten by taking slips from plants growing in and around Cape Town, on wild patches, roadsides and on walks around The Mountain. Some I can identify, such as the daisy-like Compositaes (or Asteracaes, after ‘aster’, a Greek term for star, which South Africans would recognise in the Afrikaans for star, ‘ster’. English too, come to think of it), and Gazanias, which it turns out also belong to the