River Indigo (not a hippie love child)

Despite a name that suggests a love child of the ’60s, River Indigo (Indigofera Frutescens) is a most practical small tree and a forest ‘starter’ that grows like lightening. I planted one to replace an exotic and thought it was going to take years to rise to the challenge. Eight months later it has almost tripled in size. It also is awash with the most beautiful dark pink to light pink flowers and has pretty much been flowering all spring and summer. It’s a lovely sight to behold. It likes a bit of shade, and apparently needs to be pruned after flowering has ended. I love my River Indigo, and it’s easy to forgive her her slightly dodgy name.

The super fast one
The super fast one

12 thoughts on “River Indigo (not a hippie love child)”

  1. This is one of my favourite trees for a small garden, I’ve actually just finished a garden where I’ve planted a grove of them, will have to write a post about it on Monday. Butterflies love them too…maybe there is something to the hippy name?

  2. I have just bought a River Indigo for my small garden and as a birthday gift. I liked the name, the look of the pretty tree and the delicate leaves. Plus hope it covers the bricks and outlook from my townhouse. And it attracts butterflies yipee! and hopefully some bees! Jacqui

  3. I have been searching everywhere to buy a Rivier Indigo Tree, but they are nowhere to be found. Jacqui where did you buy your tree from? I live in the Western Cape.

  4. Hi Poppie,

    I bought my River Indigo at the Witkoppen Wild Flower or Indigenous Nursery in Jozi. I am sure if you try an indigenous nursery they could assist you or maybe ask at the Botanical Gardens perhas. Good luck. My little indigo now has lots of lovey little pink flobers. It is such a pretty tree and also straight after i platned it some of the small birds started arriving. best wishes Jacqui

  5. Hi I want Wild Indigo, scientific name Baptisia ticntoria or Jasticia ticntoria. The seeds to plant or leaves, barks/stem and roots for use. Where can I get please

  6. I have a River indigo tree that has seeded itself and is growing close to a wall and another shrub in our newly acquired townhouse . It has about 6 stems – looks like the main one has been removed . Will I be able to transplant this tree .? Should I prune the many stems ? It is about 1,5 m high .

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