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Wild Coast Mining Conflict Back on the Boil

I have posted a fair bit on the proposed mining of Xolobeni in the Eastern Cape, the local opposition to it and the hardball tactics that the Australian-backed mining company has used to go ahead with its plans to mine the ilmenite-rich coast.


Conflict over the mining of the Xolobeni area have resurfaced. Follow the Sustaining the Wild Coast Facebook group here: and their Twitter page here: for more updates.

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What to Plant for Autumn and Winter in CT?

Hi All,

My French beef tomatoes are loving the autumn rain amd sunshine – summer was too hot for them. As are my succulents. The rocket and basil are looking a bit dire. Which food-bearing plants can I sow now for coming autumn and winter months in Cape Town? Lettuce, rocket? Any suggestions?

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Greenpop Launched Crowdfunding Campaign for Eco-Education Hub

Hello! Here we go! We’re off and running – crowdfunding for a container to for an eco-education hub at our nursery in Woodstock. Help us in the transformation of this space to a community resource for environmental education and hands-on experience: “We have managed to transform this space from a pile of rubble to an abundance of green,” explains Misha Teasdale, Greenpop’s co-founder and Tree-EO. “But we have a bigger vision for it. We want to create an innovative green education hub accessible to everyone, where people can come together to learn, share, and eat. A space where we’ll spread awareness on the importance of trees, of growing our own food, and of taking care of our environment.”

Check out our campaign here: and see the amazing rewards you can get with your donation.


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Earth Day Planting – Tyisa Nabanye

Hello fellow foodies and greenies,

This Saturday Tyisa Nabanye, an urban agriculture organisation in Cape Town, is hosting a volunteer planting day to celebrate Earth Day. Join them in extending their garden, planting trees and feasting on a delicious (gifted) lunch on the slopes of Signal Hill.

For more information follow this link : Hope to see you there! Thanks and regards,


Da (seed) bomb

I’m gonna to make some seed bombs this weekend, to scatter around my neighborhood before the rains start in Cape Town.

Basically, a seed bomb is a combination of soil and seeds, made into a ball, that you throw in hard to reach places. The seeds then germinate, with a ready made soil base.

I’d like to use flower seeds that are hardy and will flower during winter. I am thinking marigolds and Cosmo. Any other suggestions?