Our first beet crop … or not!

Whilst picking the spinach for the spinach and ricotta pie today, (she boasts) I spied that the beets were sticking out above the ground, so I pulled some out – but they’re white inside! What? I vaguely remember that we had a packet of “Italian beetroot” seed. Unless of course that’s oversized radish boiling away as I write [?]

It turned out they’re “albino” beetroot, wonderful delicate taste and made great beet and pineapple muffins …

BTW here’s a great website you may be interested in: https://www.lovefoodhatewaste.com/

3 thoughts on “Our first beet crop … or not!”

  1. I make up recipes to go with what I’ve got in the garden, occasionnally they flop, but mostly succeed. I made beet/pine muffins with these babies … used a basic muffin recipe, added a couple of grated cooked beets and chunks of fresh pineapple. Delish.

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