Good ol’ gazanias

I’d never been a fan of planting flowers just for the sake of flowers but was given a tray of gazanias a while back  and I must admit they are pretty great.  They are indigenous, from Namaqualand and the South-western Cape and like sun, lots of it.

They flower profusely in winter and spring and my plants have started to self-sow themselves in clumps around the garden.  Gazanias come in a variety of colours – red, pink, yellow, cream and white – but as you can see from the pic below, mine are orange.

Good ol' gazanias.
Good ol’ gazanias.

3 thoughts on “Good ol’ gazanias”

  1. fine flowers… and they can survive (and spread) without much water or care… easy and rewarding indigenous gardening..

  2. OOps i see now where the coments come up, anyway we have a series of workshops coming up leading out of winter into spring on the above w/ shop topics, email us for details or see web site which should be up and running by end August
    Thanks paul

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