Garden Essentials: Green Bin

This green bin is essential for any garden.  You can get them from most hardware shops and some nurseries for about R600.

I’ve always had a compost heap but this bin keeps any food waste away from the monkeys and the heat it generates speeds up the composting process.  I put grass cuttings, weeds and any organic waste from the kitchen into and in a few months it turns into good quality compost.

I’m now thinking of investing in an earthworm farm, which I think creates compost in only a couple of weeks and provides micronutrients that you don’t get from compost.  Any thoughts?

The Green Bin
The Green Bin

2 thoughts on “Garden Essentials: Green Bin”

  1. hi there
    you should totally get a worm bin! the little critters will produce micronutrient rich compost after a month or two, but better yet, they constantly produce their worm tea, which you can use as a liquid fertiliser when watering plants. the ones from stores are really expensive. i just made my own three-tiered one which looks really good too (bought three storage tubs from Builder’s Warehouse at R60 each (R180), drilled some holes… and my worms are living happily ever after.

  2. Hey You should be careful with puttings weeds with seeds in your compost, however if you do have weed seeds in your compost, try to get the temperature over 65 deg C to kill the them. The heap should naturally get hot, but mostly only in the centre.
    Best practice is to put weeds in a separate compost heap…

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