Flymo Lawnmowers: Revolutionising Garden Care with Innovative Hover Technology

Flymo is a well-established brand in the garden care industry, renowned for its innovation and the creation of the hover mower. Their products, which cater to a diverse range of garden maintenance needs, have been assisting homeowners since the brand’s inception. The company’s line-up, stretching from lawnmowers to trimmers and beyond, is designed with the goal of making garden care as effortless and time-efficient as possible.

The Flymo EasiLife GO robot lawnmower and the POWER FOR ALL cordless range represent their latest efforts to integrate modern technology into gardening tools. These products are designed to bring convenience to garden upkeep, allowing for more leisurely time in one’s outdoor spaces. With models like the Flymo Hover Vac 250, specifically crafted for smaller gardens, Flymo continues to focus on user-friendly designs that combine efficiency with ease of storage.

Dating back to its foundation in 1964, Flymo has made significant strides in the garden appliance sector. Their initial concept of a hovering lawnmower transformed the way people approach lawn maintenance. By continuing to evolve and expand their product range, Flymo upholds a commitment to innovation that sustains their position as a go-to brand for garden care solutions.

Overview of Flymo

Flymo, a well-known brand in the gardening equipment sector, has established itself through decades of innovation and product development. The company is recognised for its lawn mowers, particularly the pioneering hover mower, and continues to hold a strong presence in the market.

History and Brand Evolution

Flymo’s legacy began in 1964 with the invention of the hover mower. The concept, inspired by hovercraft technology, allowed the lawn mower to float on a cushion of air, revolutionising lawn care with its lightweight and manoeuvrable design. The company has since maintained a position as a leading manufacturer by continually improving and expanding its product range to meet customer demands. Beyond hover mowers, Flymo’s portfolio now includes a variety of garden care products, all designed with the same emphasis on convenience and efficiency.

Flymo as a Part of Global Brands

Flymo operates as a subsidiary within the Husqvarna Group, a global conglomerate of outdoor power product brands. This relationship benefits Flymo by providing access to global markets and reinforcing its reputation through association with Husqvarna’s well-established name. Furthermore, Flymo’s inclusion in this group allows the brand to leverage synergies in technology, distribution, and marketing resources, ensuring its place as a key player in the international garden care industry.

Product Range

Flymo offers an extensive range of lawn maintenance equipment designed to meet various gardening needs, from traditional mowing to innovative, automated solutions.

Traditional Electric Lawn Mowers

Flymo’s traditional electric lawn mowers are designed for efficiency and easy operation. The Flymo Electric Lawn Mower Glide Hover is a notable option with a 36cm cutting width and an 1800W motor, suitable for small to medium-sized gardens.

Innovative Hover Mowers

The Flymo Turbo Lite 250 Hover Lawnmower stands out in this category. It operates on a cushion of air, enabling effortless movement across the lawn. This model is equipped with a 1400W motor and is particularly well-suited to smaller gardens.

Cordless and Robotic Solutions

For gardens requiring a flexible and eco-friendly approach, Flymo presents its POWER FOR ALL cordless range, which includes various tools powered by a single battery system. In the realm of automation, Flymo also offers Robotic Lawn Mowers designed to make lawn care effortless.

Supplementary Gardening Tools

In addition to mowers, Flymo provides a selection of supplementary tools such as battery-powered hedge trimmers to complement the garden care experience.

Technology and Innovation

Flymo has consistently championed innovation in garden care technology, particularly through the development of their hover mower technology and electric-powered garden tools.

The Hover Technology

The hover mower, pioneered by Flymo in the mid-1960s, operates by creating a cushion of air between the mower and the ground. This technology allows the mower to float over the grass, making it easier to manoeuvre. Flymo’s implementation of this technology has evolved, with the Robotic Lawnmower 1200R being a prime example, automating the mowing process and saving time for users.

Material and Design

Flymo utilises sturdy, yet lightweight materials such as ABS plastic to construct their mowers. This material choice supports the hover technology by maintaining a light frame that floats more easily. Furthermore, the design often features sleek, aerodynamic shapes to enhance the mower’s ability to glide over the lawn.

Battery and Electric Operations

In response to a growing demand for environmentally friendly options, Flymo’s offerings now include electric mowers, such as the Hover Vac 250. These mowers, equipped with powerful electric motors (up to 1800W), provide a greener alternative to petrol mowers. The advantage of electric mowers extends to less noise pollution and the elimination of fuel emissions. Flymo’s commitment to innovation is reflected in their efforts to combine efficiency with sustainability in their electric and battery-operated products.

Lawn Mower Features

The Flymo range of lawn mowers is designed with innovative features aimed at enhancing the gardening experience. Known for their ease of use and maintenance, Flymo lawn mowers offer a variety of blade specifications, ergonomic designs, and adjustable cutting heights to cater to diverse lawn care needs.

Blade Specifications

Flymo lawn mowers are equipped with metal blades that deliver a clean and precise cut. The blades come in different sizes to match the cutting width required for the garden size. For example, the TurboLite model has a blade size of 25cm which is ideal for small gardens. On the other hand, the SimpliGlide 360 offers a broader cutting width of 36cm, suitable for tackling medium-sized gardens. Users can adjust the blade height by adding or removing spacers, allowing for more control over the finish of their lawn.

Ergonomic Design

All Flymo lawn mowers boast an ergonomic design to reduce fatigue and increase efficiency during use. For instance, the Hover Vac 250 features dual lever handles that are convenient for ambidextrous use, ensuring comfort for both left and right-handed users. The mowers are also easy to carry, which simplifies the moving process around the garden as well as storage and handling.

Adjustable Cutting Heights

The adjustable cutting heights are a key feature of Flymo lawn mowers, providing versatility for different grass lengths and types. Users can easily alter the cutting height to suit their lawn’s conditions. The height adjustment is facilitated by the use of spacers, which can be added or removed to change the distance between the blade and the ground. This allows gardeners to achieve the desired grass finish, from a close crop to a more lush look.

Ease of Use

Flymo lawnmowers are designed with the user in mind, focusing on lightweight models that promise easy handling and straightforward maintenance. They cater to those who prefer efficient and fuss-free gardening tools, especially suited to small garden owners.

Handling and Manoeuvrability

They offer models such as the SimpliGlide 360, specifically designed for light-duty tasks and superior manoeuvrability. The hover technology allows these mowers to glide over the lawn, reducing physical strain and making them particularly easy to manoeuvre.

  • Lightweight build for easier control
  • Hover technology to effortlessly move across various lawn surfaces

Assembly and Maintenance

Out of the box, assembly is typically minimal, often requiring just the handles to be attached before the mower is ready for use. When it comes to maintenance, Flymo mowers are designed with accessible parts for clean-up and the straightforward replacement of components if necessary.

  • Minimal assembly required
  • Accessible parts for easy cleaning and maintenance

Storage Solutions

Recognising the value of space in households, Flymo has developed storage solutions such as wall-mounted options for some models. The Flymo EasiStore range, for instance, benefits from vertical storage capabilities, saving valuable floor space in sheds and garages designed for small garden tools.

  • Vertical storage options for small gardens
  • Lawmowers with wall-mounted capabilities to maximise space efficiency

By focusing on these design features, Flymo ensures their mowers offer practicality and convenience to all gardeners, whether they handle large lawns or small garden spaces.

Product Specifications

In this section, readers will find detailed specifications of the Flymo range, focusing on model comparisons and specific features including weight and dimensions for informed choices on the right lawnmower for their gardening needs.

Model Comparisons

  • Flymo Turbo Lite 250 Hover Lawnmower: Ideal for small to medium gardens. This model is built for ease of use and efficiency, without a grass collection box.
  • Flymo Turbo Lite 350: A slightly more robust model with a 1400 W electric motor, suitable for larger areas and tougher grass compared to the Turbo Lite 250.
  • Flymo Simpliglide 360: An electric hover collect lawnmower, designed for medium to large gardens, providing effortless mowing and a 360-degree glide.
ModelPower OutputGrass Collection
Flymo Turbo Lite 250 HoverNot specified in the resultsNo
Flymo Turbo Lite 3501400 WNo
Flymo Simpliglide 360Not specified in the resultsYes

Weight and Dimensions

  • Flymo Turbo Lite 250 Hover Lawnmower: Lightweight design not specified in the results.
  • Flymo Turbo Lite 350: Weighs 7.7 kg; this enhances manoeuvrability whilst maintaining stability during operation.
  • Flymo Simpliglide 360: Weight and dimensions are not detailed in the results provided.

Readers should note that weight and dimensions are vital for understanding the storage and manoeuvrability of each model, especially in gardens with complex layouts or storage limitations.

Purchasing and Support

Flymo offers various avenues for customers to purchase their gardening equipment, with robust support systems in place for post-purchase inquiries. The company provides a clear structure for warranties and returns, ensuring customer satisfaction is prioritised.

Retail and Online Stores

Customers can purchase Flymo products from retail stores or through online platforms. The availability of Flymo products includes well-known retailers such as Makro, where customers can utilise in-store features like store locator to find the nearest outlet. In addition, online shoppers have the option to sign in, create my lists, and check out promotions on Makro’s website. Payment methods include cash, credit, EFT, and rewards through programs like mrewards.

Warranty and Returns

Flymo’s products come with a straightforward warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. Specific warranty period details are available on product documents and the company’s website. If a customer needs to return a product, guidelines are outlined on Flymo’s website, which includes instructions on how to proceed with a return. Moreover, customers can also register for an extended warranty for additional protection. The process for returns often requires proof of purchase and may be subject to VAT regulations.

Complementary Products

Flymo lawnmowers are designed to simplify garden maintenance, but their efficiency can be maximised with the right complementary products ranging from cleaning kits to specialised garden electronics.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper care keeps lawnmowers running smoothly. Cleaning accessories, such as brushes and blade sharpeners, are essential. Flymo recommends regular cleaning to prevent debris build-up, which can impair function. Maintenance kits typically include:

  • Replacement blades
  • Air filters
  • Spark plugs

Careful maintenance ensures longevity and optimal performance of the equipment.

Outdoor and Garden Electronics

Flymo’s innovation extends beyond mowers. Complementary garden electronics enhance the gardening experience. Products include:

  • Weather stations: Monitoring climate conditions helps in planning gardening activities.
  • Garden lighting: Essential for evening maintenance and aesthetic appeal.

Integrating these electronics into one’s gardening routine promotes a more efficient and enjoyable environment.

Office and Commercial Equipment

Flymo also fits into the commercial sector with products suitable for landscaping businesses. For an office that manages such equipment, necessary items include:

  • Office furniture: Ergonomic chairs and desks for planning and administration.
  • Office electronics: Computers and printers are crucial for business management.

For commercial entities, these staples support the operational side, ensuring that the focus remains on delivering top-notch landscaping services.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, readers can find concise answers to common queries regarding Flymo’s range of products, focusing on specific features, performance, and purchasing tips.

What are the features of the Flymo Easi Glide 300?

The Flymo Easi Glide 300 is a hover mower designed for easy manoeuvrability, featuring a 30cm cutting width, 20-litre collection box, and four cutting height options ranging from 10 to 30mm. Its compact design promotes easy storage.

Which Flymo lawnmower model is considered the best?

Evaluations suggest that the Flymo 1200R robotic lawnmower ranks highly for its efficiency and convenience. However, “the best” can vary based on individual needs regarding garden size, terrain, and specific features.

How do Flymo lawnmower batteries compare in terms of performance?

Flymo lawnmower batteries, particularly in cordless models, provide robust performance with adequate run time to complete most domestic lawn mowing tasks. The lithium-ion batteries are known for their long lifespan and quick recharging capability.

Are there any robotic Flymo lawnmowers available?

Yes, Flymo offers robotic lawnmowers, notably the Flymo 1200R, which operates autonomously to mow lawns, is programmable, and returns to its charging station as needed, handling complex gardens with ease.

Can you provide reviews on the latest Flymo electric lawn mowers?

Reviews highlight that the latest Flymo electric lawn mowers offer efficiency and eco-friendliness. The models are appreciated for their practical features like easy-start mechanisms and foldable handles, although individual model reviews should be consulted for specific feedback.

What should I consider when purchasing replacement blades for my Flymo mower?

When purchasing replacement blades, one should ensure compatibility with their specific Flymo mower model. Opting for genuine Flymo blades guarantees quality and maintains mower performance, with consideration to blade length and type based on the mowing requirements.

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