19 thoughts on “WANTED: Neem Tree – KZN”

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  2. We have them a lot in my country call my number 0838876803 or WhatsApp me the same number.It really helps human health and it has a lot of benefits

  3. The slinga berry ( syringa, China berry etc) …and the neem tree are not the same. Same family. But leaves of been are medicinal whereas the syringa is poisonous

  4. Dear every
    One I am also in kzn need to know more about neem trees. I also Google them and saw it pictures, I notice that maybe the tree is one of the popular tree all over here but I need to be sure whether is this tree known as UMSILINGA in Zulu name ?

  5. I have neem plants and trees Im in kzn port Shepstone my number is 0744295850 available from 1pm everyday

  6. Hai I live in kzn port Shepstone I have neem trees and plants, my phone number is 0744295850 available from 1pm everyday thanks.

  7. Looking for neem trees or the seed. I have moringa but looking for the neem trees. Also in KZN Durban

  8. Hi, the seeds of the Neem tree may be found on Mountain herb Estate. They will send to you, may even have the tree but will be costly to courier.

  9. Neem is not Syringa Berry although similar. Indian immigrants substituted syringa berry for neem. It does not have the same medicinal properties as neem

  10. I have a couple of neem tree seedlings about 50 to 70 cm tall. Grew them from seeds. You’re welcome to have them.

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